With over 50 years coaching experience, from junior to professional athletes of various sports – We have witnessed first hand the effects of over-specialization and over-trained athletes. Athletes, coaches, and parents have been drawn into a culture that emphasizes work at all cost – with an expectation that the work performed will equate to scholarships and more. No longer are athletes managing off-season, pre-season, and in-season protocols – it has turned into one season: in-season.

This culture has created more injuries, decreased performance, and potential loss in ability for life long activity. High school athletes Account for 2 million injuries, 500,000 doctor visits, and 30,000 hospitalizations per year! Nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students are due to overuse / non-contact incidences. In essense, these are preventable if wrist factors can be identified through testing and proper training programs are implemented.

What Is Your Code?

Our 3DMAPS Screening creates your sports profile. Athletes will learn their strengths as well as areas of concern that can lead to decreased performance or injury.


Private Sessions

For the athlete needing reconditioning from a previous injury, nagging discomfort, or for skills based specific training. All programs start with a 3DMAPS session to start smart.

Small Group Training

For athletes entering their off-season training, and looking to focus on strength, speed, and power. Small group training classes have a maximum of 15 like minded athletes. All programs start with a 3DMAPS session to start smart.


Join the DHF Live Platform today! More than just workouts, personalized programs to having you achieve your goals - based on your needs.

  • DHF Coach Consult: Users can submit a consult to the DHF team. In return, they will receive a personalized response that will provide you advice and a personalized program within our CoachFit app.
  • DHF Team Private Forum: Access to a social forum where DHF Coaches  share educational and motivational material, and you can share photos and videos of your improvements, training and progress with the entire online community.
  • DHF HomeFit App: Our On Demand app powered by our exclusive Movement Meter. With over 100 workouts available and growing! You can select workouts by goal, time, equipment, and your current level. All workouts are tracked through our Movement Meter.
  • Program Specific Material: You will receive the specific program booklet based on your goals, guidance material, habit videos, and nutrition support needed for your goals all within your CoachFit app.
  • YLiveStream Access: You will receive full access to our LiveStream Sport classes and archived classes.
  • Exclusive Pro Shop Discounts: As a DHF program member you will receive special discount codes for training equipment and Thorne  Supplements. You will also receive first access to new products coming in.

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  • Sport Conditioning

    12 Week Program (Bonus In-Season Program)
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  • Sport Equipment Package (Medicine Ball, Pro Bands, Roller, Ladder)
  • DHF Sport Analysis via CoachFit Consult
  • 2 Sport Follow Ups
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